Resilient Agriculture

Growing food with limited inputs.

We are using regenerative soil and permaculture design principles to grow fruits, vegetables, and nuts while increasing biodiversity.

About Us

The Project

What are we doing?

We are trying to grow an abundance of nutritious food by working with nature to build a resilient ecosystem. We are trying to generate our fertility onsite and will never use pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers.

We’ll try and document our projects here!

We work with nature to build resilient, diverse ecosystems that provide nutrient-dense food.

Featured Project

Parking Lot to Kitchen Garden

In 2022, we converted a packed dirt parking into a highly productive kitchen garden.

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Feed the soil.

Conventional agriculture uses costly synthetic fertilizers to feed plants.
We use a variety of methods to feed the soil itself. Healthy soil means healthy plants.

Our Methods

Things We’re Doing

To achieve our goal of building a resilient farm that produces abundance of food without any external inputs, we use many methods.

Innoculated charcol (biochar) houses bacteria and helps retain nutrients in the soil for possibly thousands of years.



Cover crops build organic matter, provide a living mulch feed the soil life through root exudates.

Cover Crops?

Cover cropping + green manure

Tilling increases compaction, kills soil life and destroys soil aggregates. Nature doesn’t till, so we don’t either.

No Till?

No Till

A garden bed that barely needs water, and builds soil fertility every year with no added inputs?



It may sound contradictory, but we actively work to keep pests alive. Welcome slugs, aphids, and hornworms!


Helping pests survive?

Keeping a large amount of biomass on the soil retains moisture, surpasses weeds and builds soil with lots of organic material.

Deep Mulch?

Deep Mulch

Our worms turn food waste into valuable castings, a fantastic soil amendment.



The best place to store water is in the soil itself. Using swales we can help capture every drop.



Nobody spends hours weeding and fertilizing a forest and yet they grow everywhere…

Food Forest?

Food Forest

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Read more about all the methods we use to achieve our goal of food independence.


Our Projects

Check out some of the projects we’ve done!

Solarity is a regenerative project that will grow an abundance of nutritious food using limited external inputs.