Volunteer with Us

Want to learn about food forests, swales, compost, cover cropping, earth building, passive solar and more?

The Work

We’ll be:

  • building sheds and a greenhouse using round wood cedar posts and cob, straw bale or wattle and daub.
  • cutting down trees, making hugelkultur, making biochar, and establishing new food forests
  • establishing new annual gardens
  • maintaining the various gardens
  • picking fruit

Unlike most farm volunteering opportunities you WON’T be weeding. We don’t really weed because it’s boring and we like plant root exudates.

The Yurt

Where You’ll Live

You’ll be staying in the yurt.

Have Questions?

You’ll live in the yurt with wood stove, internet, electricity, queen size bed and couches.

Volunteer in 2023

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