About Us

Solarity [noun]: of or relating to the sun.

About the Project

Solarity is a family-owned 8-acre property located in the Slocan Valley. We made this website to document the cool stuff we’re doing.

We’re trying to grow an abundance of nutritious food, while increasing fertility and biodiversity and resiliency over time.

We are building a perennial-based food system using regenerative soil and permaculture design principles.

We never till our soil, never apply any biocides or synthetic fertilizers and are trying to use no external inputs for fertility.

Feed your soil life and everything else will follow.

Who We Are

We are city folk, turned farmers living on Sinixt land in the Slocan Valley in British Columbia (Zone 5b). We are interested in building a resilient and diverse food production system to feed ourselves and our community.

That’s Seb. He like compost, building stuff and worms.